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Your Rugs, Your Palette, Our Hand

Our Overdye process uses a combination of generations old techniques and modern technology in order to produce the best quality color wash available. Using all natural plant based dyes, we are able to achieve and maintain the more traditional or homespun look often associated with village or tribal rugs, with a modern twist.

In order to ensure the permanence of the color in the rug, it is dipped into a solution of iron, this allows the dyes to permanently bond into the fibers which will ensure the longevity of the color, even after being washed.

As soon as the appropriate color mix is ready, the rug will be submerged and dipped in the color wash in accordance with predetermined parameters of time and temperature.

Because some natural substances produce less permanence then others, it is sometimes necessary to repeat the procedure more than once to obtain the satisfactory shade. Knowledge and correct handling produces quality results.

Dyeing is an art form, a craft that becomes perfected with experience and requires vast quantities of accumulated knowledge.

Our color recipes have been altered, reworked and improved upon through experimentation, inspiration and trial and error.


Every Rug Deserves a Second Chance

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