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Through the mastery of color, rugs are being reborn. Here at Reborn Design, we are changing the way you look, think and feel about rugs.

Our dye recipes have been altered, reworked and improved upon through years of experimentation, inspiration and trial and error.  Today, our rug Overdye Process has been perfected to produce quality results that will impress your clients, friends and family members for years to come.  

Color washing started as way to revive old rugs that have been worn down by years of use. Overtime, as the popularity of overdyed rugs increased, this trend became a full blown phenomenon. And it is here to stay.

We make it very simple to overdye your rug. Simply call or fill out the contact form. Our dye specialist will be able to answer any questions and work with you every step of the way to choose the perfect color for your particular design concept.

If you are located in the New York area we can pick the rug up to begin the process. Otherwise you can ship the rug to us from anywhere in the country.

Once the rug is ready we will contact you to coordinate the delivery and even installation if you are local.

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